Student Volunteers

Coastal Habitat loves student volunteer energy!  The organization has numerous high-impact opportunities tailored to a young adult's busy schedule. 

Campus Chapter

Each campus chapter is a student-led, student-initiated team at a high school or college campus that has partnered with the Coastal Habitat. Campus Chapters typically support our Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative programs and fundraising and awareness-building activities. Please come join other campus chapters that are helping repair, rebuild and restore the Coastal Monmouth Community post-Superstorm Sandy.

Collegiate Challenge

Collegiate Challenge is Habitat for Humanity International's anytime alternative school break program for students 16 years or older. Students, in groups of five or more, are invited to spend one week with Coastal Habitat working on Superstorm Sandy repair and restore initiatives.  Please contact Coastal Habitat directly to schedule.

Students 15 Years Old and Younger

Insurance regulations do not permit students younger than 16 years old on Coastal Habitat construction sites, however Coastal Habitat welcomes their energy and support in other ways, including "Car Wash for Homes," "Lego Build" fundraisers and other creative fundraising activities.

ReStore Support

High school and college students are invited to come for a day, week or for a regular schedule all year and volunteer at the ReStore resale store in Asbury Park.  Groups of student volunteers are asked to "jump in" where needed, usually with cleaning, moving furniture and organizing the stock room - all invaluable efforts that help Coastal Habitat continue its mission. 

All construction / repair site first time volunteers must complete and bring the Volunteer Waiver Form.   

Teachers, students or leaders, please contact our volunteer coordinator, for more student opportunities at 732-898-4090, ext 103.

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