Home Ownership

It is possible to own a safe, simple, energy-efficient home in Monmouth County. The requirements for Coastal Habitat home ownership are very different than the nationwide standard, making the dream of homeownership a reality.

Seminar: Learn how to become a homeowner

If you are considering applying for a Coastal Habitat single-family home, you must attend a 90 minute prospective homeowner seminar. At the seminars, the Family Selection Committee:

  1. Discusses the three criteria for becoming a homebuyer under the Coastal Habitat home ownership program. The prospective homeowner must:
    1. Be living in inadequate shelter
    2. Have the financial ability to pay the zero interest mortgage
    3. Be willing and able to partner with Coastal Habitat for the long-term
  2. Explains the "sweat equity" requirement (working in partnership to a Coastal Habitat home) and the hours of work required, which can range from 350 to 500 hours.  Sweat equity is customized to the abilities of the homeowner.
  3. Explains the Coastal Habitat home ownership program, including: the mortgage is solely for the cost to build the home and not for the many, many volunteer donated hours. Zero interest is charged on the 30-year loan.  Prospective homebuyers may well qualify for a Coastal Habitat home even if they would not qualify for a conventional mortgage.
  4. Distributes a hard-copy application and written instructions to each attendee for completion at home.  
  5. Offers individual support to all seminar participants to properly submit a completed application.  Se habla espanol.

Seminars are held at a variety of times and locations throughout Southern Monmouth County and accessible by mass transit.  

Email info@coastalhabitat.org to be contacted when the next home ownership seminar is planned.