A Note of Thanks From Our Executive Director

Coastal Habitat for Humanity
Saturday, November 12, 2016

Dear Friend,

Along with my sincere thank you to you for making 2016 another year of nationally-recognized impact, I wanted to share a message directly from a partner homeowner you helped.

“When you have a hand up – the kind that Coastal Habitat offers – that hand up is something you have never felt before and turns out to be a special kind of support… hope,” said Dolan Williams, partner homeowner.  “It’s hope for me as well as my children and then their children as the years go by.  People who donate and volunteers don’t just help today; they make a difference for lifetimes.  Now we can dream bigger and plan instead of worrying about next month.”

When we ask for your support, you always rise because you know the long-term importance of strong, safe, secure and self-reliant communities in Southern Monmouth County.  You’ve told us we can depend on you because...

Ø  You understand what it means to the Williams family’s children to celebrate their first holiday in a home that’s their own.

Ø  You appreciate the work it took to completely rebuild the Taylor’s home after Superstorm Sandy.

Ø  You share in the security Mr. Scott has knowing he won’t be forced to leave his life-long home solely because of physical limitations. 

Ø  You recognize replacing the broken window today can save on her energy bills, avoid more costly repairs in the future and build neighborhood pride.

Since Coastal Habitat’s founding in 1994, you have helped more than 180 families, including seniors and veterans.

You continue to hold the keys to help Coastal Habitat provide the tools for families to live strong, stable and self-reliant lives - block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood.  These are critical times and we need your support urgently to help more locals in 2017.

Would you please help us complete more dreams and life-changing projects in area neighborhoods with a gift today of $30, $50, $100 or whatever amount you can afford?  It’s only with your help that we can continue to fulfill the promise we made 23 years ago.  Click here to make an online donation.

With heartfelt thanks and best wishes for the New Year,

Maureen Mulligan
Executive Director
200 Route 71
Suite 300
Spring Lake Heights, NJ  07762