Bankers Lend Time & Energy to Help Shark River Hills Families

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A coalition of New Jersey bank volunteers are returning for the second summer to help Coastal Habitat for Humanity with the continued repair and rebuilding of homes impacted by Superstorm Sandy in the Shark River Hills section of Neptune.

More than 200 bank employees from 21 New Jersey banks, including Manasquan Savings Bank, Two Rivers Community Bank, TD Bank and Provident Bank, will donate approximately 1700 volunteer hours this summer to help families return home.“There were some times after the storm that I had no hope – my home was a total loss,” said Pam Callender.  “I was considering walking away from what was left of the property and going into foreclosure.  As a middle class woman with two foster kids, I felt as if I was falling through the cracks and not getting the help I needed.  But then Coastal Habitat came into my life.”

The banks – organized by John McWeeney and Michael Affuso of the NJ Bankers Association – will also donate $20,000 towards rebuilding costs.

“The banker’s community impact was exceptional last summer and we have lots more life-changing work planned for them this year,” said Maureen Mulligan, executive director, Coastal Habitat, celebrating its 20th year in Monmouth County this year.  “Volunteers will help us do our best to help Pam and other Shark River Hills families celebrate Thanksgiving back in their homes this year.”

Approximately 40 Neptune families remain displaced because of Superstorm Sandy.

“For most people Sandy is a far distant memory,” said Councilman Randy Bishop.  “For us, for Coastal Habitat, it is an every day continual effort to do everything we can with every resource we can find, to get communities rebuild and people back in their homes.”

To volunteer with Coastal Habitat this summer, visit

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