1994 to 2014: Coastal Habitat Celebrates 20 Years

Coastal Habitat
Sunday, July 20, 2014

For 20 years, Coastal Habitat has been a part of the Southern Monmouth County community.  With 14 single-family homes constructed, 100 properties repaired and 40 Superstorm Sandy families returned home, the organization is dedicated to meaningful results and impact. "Their work is something to be proud of," said Al Roker, Today Show weatherman during a visit soon after Superstorm Sandy. Neptune Township Councilman Randy Bishop agrees, adding, "Coastal Habitat was here for our community before the storm and after Sandy, was one of the first groups with feet on the ground (after emergency response organizations).  Everyday, the team at Coastal Habitat lives and breathes with me the recovery and restoration of local family's homes and lives."

Learn more about the organization's long-term impact by clicking here.  And please join us as we celebrate Coastal Habitat all year.

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